About RetirementTrack Funds

RetirementTrack is a target date solution offering a professionally managed, diversified, and personalized PATH to retirement.

RetirementTrack Funds

How Target Date Funds Work

Target date funds are professionally managed, diversified investment portfolios.

Each portfolio consists of a mix of investments appropriate to its target date so investing in a single portfolio can provide a robust diversification and asset allocation.

RetirementTrack is a target date fund solution offering professional management, diversification, and a simple way to invest for retirement.

In addition, several key features distinguish RetirementTrack from a typical TDF, including flexibility for your own personal risk tolerance, open-architecture manager selection, and low-cost management.




Fiduciary to glidepath creation and asset allocation

Largest asset manager in the world with over $10 trillion in AUM

Works with 60% of Fortune 100 firms

Inventor of the target date fund (1993)

Multiple glidepaths allow participants to easily choose their own path to retirement based on their personal needs and preferences

Independent Underlying
Fund Selection


Fiduciary to underlying investment selection and monitoring

Largest provider of multiple-glidepath target date funds in the industry

Fastest growing target date fund manager with over $36 billion in AUM

Robust investment search process

Quantitative research driven by the Scorecard SystemTM, used by 3,000+ retirement financial professionals with over $800 billion in assets

Qualitative research driven by committee of 9 CFA charterholders

Exclusive to OneAmerica Retirement Plans


Index management by BlackRock, the largest index manager in the world and inventor of the index fund (1971)

Incorporates stable value with the goal of improving portfolio stability and risk-adjusted returns

Low cost

Discover Your PATH to Retirement

The Discover Your PATH tool is designed to measure your need to take investment risk, based on your projected savings at retirement. Risk tolerance is a combination of both desire and need to take investment risk. Many investors have an intuitive understanding of their desire to take investment risk, but may need a helping hand to better understand their need to take investment risk. Generally, investors who are on track for retirement can afford to de-risk and invest more conservatively to emphasize stability of their hard earned assets. On the other hand, investors who are behind saving for retirement may need to invest more aggressively to emphasize growth, and/or begin saving more in order to make up for a shortfall of current savings.

Discover Your PATH


RetirementTrack Glidepaths

The glidepath needs of all plan participants are addressed with the availability of a conservative, moderate and aggressive glidepath.

After selecting the closest year (2025, 2035, 2045,  2055, or 2065) in which you expect to retire, consider both your comfort with risk as well as the amount of risk needed to accomplish your retirement goals when selecting the most appropriate retirement PATH.

Select Your Target Date Fund to View Asset Allocation


This mix of global stocks seeks to provide growth for the flexPATH strategies. This allocation may also include exposure to commodities and real estate investment trusts, which seek to add diversification to the flexPATH strategies.


Made up of exposure to U.S. inflation-protected bonds and other fixed income securities, these investments look to provide the strategies with reduced exposure to market risk and volatility

Use the drop down menus below to select the Risk Level and Vintage. Based on your selections, the pie chart will update to display the current Asset Allocation.
Conservative Retirement
Conservative 2025
Conservative 2035
Conservative 2045
Conservative 2055
Conservative 2065
Moderate Retirement
Moderate 2025
Moderate 2035
Moderate 2045
Moderate 2055
Moderate 2065
Aggressive Retirement
Aggressive 2025
Aggressive 2035
Aggressive 2045
Aggressive 2055
Aggressive 2065

Fund Fact Sheets

RetirementTrack Conservative Retirement Fund Class R1  
RetirementTrack Conservative 2025 Fund Class R1  
RetirementTrack Conservative 2035 Fund Class R1 Class R2
RetirementTrack Conservative 2045 Fund Class R1  
RetirementTrack Conservative 2055 Fund Class R1 Class R2
RetirementTrack Conservative 2065 Fund Class R1  
RetirementTrack Moderate Retirement Fund Class R1  
RetirementTrack Moderate 2025 Fund Class R1 Class R2
RetirementTrack Moderate 2035 Fund Class R1 Class R2
RetirementTrack Moderate 2045 Fund Class R1 Class R2
RetirementTrack Moderate 2055 Fund Class R1 Class R2
RetirementTrack Moderate 2065 Fund Class R1 Class R2
RetirementTrack Aggressive Retirement Fund Class R1  
RetirementTrack Aggressive 2025 Fund Class R1  
RetirementTrack Aggressive 2035 Fund Class R1 Class R2
RetirementTrack Aggressive 2045 Fund Class R1 Class R2
RetirementTrack Aggressive 2055 Fund Class R1  
RetirementTrack Aggressive 2065 Fund Class R1